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detail:  Untitled (Jet Still Life), 2015, acrylic ink on canvas, 40 x 53.5" , 101.6 x 135.89 cm





While making art continuously since I arrived in New York in the early nineties, I've also worked as an architect, set designer, music video and commercial director, graphic designer, interior designer, event designer/producer and on-air spokesperson for my own brand of bedding and home accessories sold exclusively on QVC in the UK.   Along with growing up black and gay in homogenous midwestern communities where the overwhelming majority of people didn't look like me or my family, all of these professional and lived experiences inform my art practice and allow me to tap into diverse areas of expertise and understanding to realize my artistic work.  

Since I was very young, I've always had an unabating curiosity about why people and things are the way they are and I've used art to help me figure it out.  Admittedly, the inquiry inevitably results in more curiosity but it also yields physical evidence, by way of whatever I've created, of the issue I was curious about.

The work itself often deals with the intersections of identity, race and class through the creation of visual metaphors, often layered, which I use to examine and/or challenge socio-economic and socio-political constructs and stereotypes.  

Ultimately, the art I make attempts to both question and divine answers from what's happening around me.  -RLN


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